About Us

Welcome To WildMillet

WildMillet, LLC is the women-owned company to serve the need for healthy lifestyle and helping the farmers across the globe.

In general, Millet is considered as a smart carb with lots of fiber and low in sugar and is gluten-free. Millet varieties are naturally grown organically as it is pest resistant. As Millet is relatively low in the glycemic index it is seen that it produces lower blood sugar levels than rice or even wheat. All Millet varieties, in general, show high antioxidant activity. Consumption of Millet decreases triglycerides and C-reactive protein hence could prevent cardiovascular disease.


Our Vision, Mission and Value Statements:


• Create healthy and traditional lifestyle products availability for Healthy lifestyle seekers.
• Help farmers by creating a new market so that their products can be out reached.


• Help and sponsor traditional researchers who might need financial and other assistance.
• Corroborate and Adopt villages and/or farmers’ family whoever needed financial and educational support.


 • Collaborate with Humanitarian organizations who support farming and ancient disciplinary methods to achieve Peaceful Green World by 2040.


Rajam Rajababu                                                                               Rajababu Premiyappan

President and Co-Founder                                                          Founder and CEO

WildMIllet, LLC                                                                                   WildMIllet, LLC