WildMillet FAQs





Q: How and where to order healthy lifestyle products?

A: You can order online at www.WildMillet.com


Q: How to get healthy soups under 25 cents per day?

A: We have 10 different healthy ready to eat soup mix powders. Each soup powder mix can easily be served for 8 people which could cost less $2 per pack. For a family of 4 people,


Number of WildMIllet Soup Mixes Varieties


The total cost of 10 soup mixes


Three soup spoons per family of 4 per serving cost


*Per serving cost per day per person*



Q: How to keep Palm Jaggery (Karuppatti) safe?

A: All WildMIllet products are chemical free and natural. The Palm Jaggery has rich moisture contents and fresh. So, it’s better to keep it in open.