WildMillet FAQs



Q: I am hearing and seeing in google search unpolished millets are not allowed to import here as it won’t get FDA approval. Not sure is this true information or not. Can you explain some more details on this?

 A: The de-husking is different from polishing. The de-husking will remove the husk from the millet. The polishing will remove the very thin layer of micronutrients from the core kernel. The millet with husk is not allowed to import for food consumption.


Q: Which type of millet is good – Polished or Unpolished?

 A: Both are good. The unpolished millets will have more micro nutrients. That’s the only difference.  



Q: How and where to order healthy lifestyle products?

A: You can order online at www.WildMillet.com


Q: How to get healthy soups under 25 cents per day?

A: We have 10 different healthy ready to eat soup mix powders. Each soup powder mix can easily be served for 8 people which could cost less $2 per pack. For a family of 4 people,


Number of WildMIllet Soup Mixes Varieties


The total cost of 10 soup mixes


Three soup spoons per family of 4 per serving cost


*Per serving cost per day per person*



Q: How to keep Palm Jaggery (Karuppatti) safe?

A: All WildMIllet products are chemical free and natural. The Palm Jaggery has rich moisture contents and fresh. So, it’s better to keep it open.