Who We Are !

It is common knowledge that need is the mother of innovation-WildMillet® began as a search for all-natural, clean, healthy food, the kind that runs in our ancestors’ veins.


In 2016 Siddha Yogi Rajababu, teacher of the Vazhviyal Oham (www.voham.org) - Lifestyle wellness class, struggled to find these healthy foods for his students. He searched for natural wholesome ancient grains but instead found many products riddled with harmful pesticides, additives, and preservatives. What’s more, he realized that local farmers were lacking support, to the point where they were being run out of ancestral farming activities. In the interest of both his students and the greater well-being, he decided to fill the void by creating an organization that sources local to support the rural farmers of India. What has become www.WildMillet.com.


We import ancient lifestyle wellness items including ancient organic grains, unrefined natural sweeteners, wooden cold-pressed food grade oils, herbal powders, and all-natural body/hair wash powders.


Currently, WildMillet® is working on obtaining USDA Organic and other organic/non-GMO certifications.


WildMillet® products are harvested and preserved without any chemicals or pesticides. genuinely sourced directly from organic farmers, indigenous people of biosphere reserves, farmers and Siddha practitioners. WildMillet® works with biodiversity ecological conservation federations.



Rajababu Premiyappan

Founder, www.WildMillet.com