Javathu Powder (Natural Sandal Fragrance)

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Javathu is an ancient fragrance used for 1000s of years in South India. Siddhas (Sagas) living in Tamil Nadu, a state in India formulated this fragrance mixing Sandalwood with picked collection of flowers, herbs, and spices. The Main motive of Sithars is to formulate a fragrance to help their spiritual practices. Javathu was thus used during worships, yoga, pranayama & meditation to enhance the spirituality of the mind. Javadhu, considered as a product of Royals was used by the Kings, Nobles, and Priests. 

The Fragrance of Javathu evokes mental harmony which makes our Aura more effective during our Yoga and Meditation sessions. It enhances a deep breath and helps us during Yoga and Pranayama. The Fragrance of Javadhu is also a strong aphrodisiac as mentioned in many ancient kinds of literatures of India.

WildMIllet Javathu is a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Sandal Powder and Indian ecstatic herbs and floral extracts, Javathu Powder is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance.

 Javathu Powder being in powder form it’s easy to apply and will not give any suffocation as sprays.

Javathu Powder, with its divine and spiritual fragrance gives mental peace and relaxation from stress when used in worship place.  

Usage is quite simple to mix with little drops of water or rose water to make a paste and apply directly to body.

Unlike artificial perfumes Javathu powder usually may not cause any irritation. The Herbal nature of Javathu powder resists body odor causing germs in the skin. Modern Deodorants mostly reduces the process of sweating which is very harmful to skin but Javathu powder only prevents the cause of the body odor hence keeps the skin in its natural state and fills with fresh and pleasant fragrance. 

Artificial perfumes give a blast of fragrance when applied but they evaporate very soon to no effect, Javathu powder being a powder perfume stays with the skin and lasts much long for a whole day. Javathu powder is not only a Natural body perfume but a herbal remedy to body odor.