Karisalanganni/False Daisy (கரிசலாங்கண்ணி பொடி)

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False Daisy (கரிசலாங்கண்ணி  பொடி)

Karisalanganni is the main herb for the hair care and cirrhosis in Siddha and Ayurveda. It rejuvenates hair teeth, bones, memory, sight and hearing. It works to rejuvenate the kidneys and liver. It manages graying and balding makes the hair thick and dark black. It promotes sound sleep. It is believed strongly as the enhancer of fair complexion. The powder of the dried roots is used to prevent hepatitis, enlarged spleen and various skin diseases. Mixed with salt it relieves burning urine sensation. Mixed with a little coconut oil and applied to the head relieves headache. It also prevents the miscarriage and abortion, It is reducing the post-delivery pain. The extract prepared out of its leaves is mixed with honey and given to infants and It acts as a de-wormer expelling the worms. It manages urinary tract infections. It can be consumed regularly as a tonic since it has anti-aging properties as it rejuvenates the body cells. Karisalangaanni is used extensively in Siddha vaidyam for the treatment of various eye diseases and skin diseases.